Prosperity America, Inc., through its subsidiaries American Outsourcing Alternatives llc (A.O.A) and American Healthcare Outsourcing Alternatives llc (A.H.O.A) provide clients high quality call center services, receivables management programs. The company's primary focus is serving the needs of clients in the healthcare field. We also offer a full selection of call center and revenue recovery services.

Our mission is job creation. The company is dedicated to creating  jobs for American workers, and in particular service men and women, their families and the communities that support them.

We believe that the American service person is a valuable resource and has the drive and focus to provide exceptional performance across a divers spectrum of back office operations.

Using our sophisticated technology platform the company is able to deliver scalable and highly customized service solutions.  We are committed to the idea that our customers want a provider who can deliver a quality contact center experience for clients of all sizes.

With almost 80 years of combined experience, our management team understands your needs and will rapidly respond to your requirements and priorities.

Prosperity America, Inc
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Midland, GA 31820

Tel:  706-221-2016 

Fax: 706-568-8929