Our vision is to respond to the changing political and economic climate sweeping the United States. We are committed to redirecting economic opportunities away from foreign outsourcers, whose main market advantage is the use of low paid workers in second and third world countries.

We believe that this mission is in step with public sentiment regarding sending good paying service sector jobs off shore. Our commitment also allows us to assist those members of our community most deserving of a fair chance at economic security, our disabled veterans, and the families of active duty military and retired/former military members.

By utilizing the skills and highly developed discipline of these exceptional individuals, we deliver an incomparable consumer experience. We are committed to providing superior quality within our array of services while giving back to those who have served to preserve our freedom to operate a business.

Prosperity America follows a core of guiding concepts:

1 - Bring quality service jobs back to the US.

2 - The public will embrace a direct, responsive call center environment that does not waste their time or good will.

3 - Create and grow and secure good paying jobs for America’s service members, their families and dependents.

4 - Utilize the tele-services and BPO space as a platform to support these principles.

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