Prosperity America, Inc., and its operating subsidiaries are housed in a modern 5,300 square foot facility located at 7100 Jamesson Road in Midland, Georgia. The company has the immediate ability to expand its operations out to 16,000 square feet of call center space.

The site is currently configured with 60 operational workstations and is completely secure, utilizing swipe card security entry systems and full video monitoring. We can expand to as many as 245 work stations virtually over night.

All of our activities are performed using state of the art telephony and account management systems. Our site is supported by fully redundant servers and power back up systems. In addition, our software vendor provides complete hot site back up precluding any possibility of data loss.

Our primary operating platform is the "Latitude" software product that delivers full agent support functionality and is virtually unlimited in its scalability. In addition this product incorporates a high degree of user customization enabling us to custom fit a solution for our clients.

Our predictive dialing solution is the "LiveVox" platform which provides 100% recording capability as well as remote monitoring. Our site offers staff members a comfortable working environment that fosters employee productivity and satisfaction.

This type of atmosphere and the company's commitment to employee career growth yields a highly focused workforce, a low turnover rate and exceptional mission-level dedication to client performance and satisfaction.