We celebrate the value represented by our veterans, their families and communities. Prosperity America is committed to the idea that the call center environment offers an excellent platform to make the most of this exceptional human resource.

The American veteran is disciplined, mission oriented and understands the need to achieve specific objectives. Since our inception, we have proven that the mindset that made our employees successful in a military environment can be converted to create a focused employee that will deliver exceptional service and consistently high levels of performance.

For the past several years veterans have endured higher than average unemployment.  With the resolution of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan there are thousands of returning service people re-entering the workforce. We believe that it is imperative that there are quality jobs available to those who gave so much to this country and by extension to each one of us.

Contact center jobs are one of the many types of jobs veterans can transition into with a relatively short period of training and acclimatization. P.A.I. has found that our workforce outperforms the market in virtually every competitive engagement. Won't you consider testing our theory?