Prosperity America, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer with a focus on developing US based jobs for veterans, the families of active duty service people and returning veterans.
Our handicapped accessible site is located in Midland, GA within close proximity to Fort Benning.

Prosperity America, Inc., and its operating subsidiaries offer call center based services to businesses large and small across the United States. We are looking for people who are goal oriented, self motivated and disciplined. We expect our representatives to value helping others while building strong careers for themselves.

Our jobs are primarily telephone based service positions that involve communicating with the public and either assisting them in resolving issues or helping them overcome specific obstacles.  We focus on developing employees that can communicate effectively and politely, engage the person on the other side of the line, develop a rapport and attain specific goals.

We offer a strong career path and the opportunity to join a dynamic and rapidly growing organization. Compensation is based on your willingness to perform within company guidelines and your earnings are only limited by your own drive to succeed.

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Prosperity America, Inc
7100 Jamesson Road
Midland, GA 31820
Tel: 706-221-2016

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