Speaking with a call center, regardless of the reason for the call, is universally considered an unpleasant experience. We believe that a quality consumer experience can be delivered by utilizing high quality, knowledgeable American citizens who share a cultural and experiential bond with your customers.  

Prosperity America delivers a competitively priced telephone based contact experience without the negative connotations or frustrations associated call center agents in the Philippines, India or the Caribbean.  In today's economic climate, American consumers have reached the limit of their tolerance with regard to service and manufacturing jobs lost to less skilled low paid workers.

While the majority of consumers understand that American companies have outsourced certain functions overseas to take advantage of lower wages, they are frequently frustrated when trying to communicate their concerns and attempting to have their problems solved efficiently.

While many functions, including collections and customer service calls, should be relatively brief and to the point, these calls are often extended due to breakdowns in communications which in turn builds resentment in consumers who are forced to waste time and patience talking to offshore call center agents.

Prosperity America and its subsidiaries overcome this pervasive "tele-aggravation" by utilizing associates highly trained in our clients’ directives. Our people are knowledgable of the regulatory and compliance requirements applicable to the call and most importantly they understand the need for efficient courteous communication.

We equip our associates with powerful technological tools with which to perform their assigned functions.  Our management team creates and applies sophisticated metrics and key performance indicator's to measure and maintain performance. By so doing,  we believe we provide a superior customer experience that will be cost effective and competitive with any overseas workforce.

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