Prosperity America provides comprehensive receivables management programs starting in the pre-delinquency stage and continuing throughout the revenue life cycle. We offer traditional bad debt recovery capabilities as well as early stage client retention programs. The team responsible for directing this operational subdivision has considerable expertise managing early stage customer care and retention projects.  We can design and implement customized solutions for your receivables management needs throughout the portfolio's life cycle.

Our services are designed to deliver quality results and are constructed to be consistent and compatible with your internal management goals. When a new project is obtained our management team will design specific strategies and benchmarks for your project. The designated operations group assigned to the work will be specifically trained on your unique business model and attributes. Once placed, accounts will be uploaded quickly and routed to designated project agents within 24 hours.

In performing these services we follow all applicable laws and regulations applying to consumer privacy, frequency of contact and the protection of personal financial information. Consumer contact is achieved through both written and telephone based contact strategies. All actions taken on any referred account is fully documented and appropriate skip trace resources can be applied as needed.

In first party or early stage engagements we work closely with clients to develop specific scripts unique to each client's requirements and business type. All scripts are approved prior to their use. All new projects are thoroughly analyzed and a comprehensive process map is created prior to the start of work. Our goal is to insure that files will be handled effectively and consistently before they are ever assigned at the agent level. These measures are designed to to deliver consistent performance, the ability to closely monitor all aspects of the work and provide responsive and accurate information to assist our client achieve their internal objectives.